Not many companies turn to social media for customer service. because companies haven’t caught on to all the potential social media holds. Others say customers simply prefer other avenues. A lot of brands that have extended into customer service on social media haven’t done a particularly great job of it. They do little or nothing to create a space that is both welcoming and efficient. Business leaders also fret about the “virtual paper trail” that answering customer service questions.

Major corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs face a daunting task as they try to keep up with today’s 24/7 social media landscape.  While using social media you need to find the best times to schedule posts to engage with as many followers as possible. When are your followers online? Which days are your followers the most active? When do you have the most exposure? Many scheduling apps offer analytics to help you determine the answers to these questions. Do not schedule time-sensitive information, or you could have a sticky PR situation on your hands. For example, prior to a Radiohead concert, the stage collapsed, killing one and injuring many more. Test out various apps to find the one that fits your needs the best, as well as the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. Test content on these apps so you can see how your posts appear.

Make sure content is not cut off and looks exactly the way you want your followers to see it. Treat the various social media platforms like the separate entities they are. You shoot yourself in the foot if you post the same information across the board. People use different social media outlets for different purposes, and you must cater to this. Be creative and imaginative.